How powerful and user friendly is the Keyshot renderer?

im used to vray for max, but how powerful and user friendly is the keyshot renderer

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Hi Olumide, there are a few things that set KeyShot apart. You can see them here:

To give the run down:
- It's very easy to apply materials and environments
- you see everything happen in real-time, even the animation
- It uses scientifically accurate materials
- No special hardware or GPU required
- largest number of supported 3D formats (and plugins)
- Can handle huge data sets

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As powerful is the user with his creativity and skills!

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but i think one is limited to the preset scenes with keyshot, is that true?

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Keyshot is really friendly and powerful. Unlike some other renderers, alot has already been preset for the user. Light and materials/Patterns are available in the preset and also flexible to use. I personally use the renderer alot and im always happy with the outcome.

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keyshot is one of the most powerful render software available right now on the markey and I can only see it going from strength to strength with the software. I am a 3D's Max user also to be totally honest with you since I have been use Keyshot 3D's Max has not got a look in. Keyshot is so much faster you can see what the render is going to look like in real time before you render it out the option to change materials is so much easier the interface is one of the most user friends software's I have ever came across. The quality of the render is mind blowing even if you are new to keyshot.... the scenes are endless as far as your imagination will take you Keyshot will use it :)))))) In other words Keyshot is the daddy of render software taking into account all is positive marks it gets...... and with the use of Photoshop is puts 3D's Max to shame hard to believe but true....

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It helps if you have a fast CPU with Keyshot. If it is slow like mine (2ghz), it just takes a little longer. I like the program.

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It appears you never get to own keyshot - it's a year license. so you keep paying each year

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Keyshot is so versatile and flexibel It has also a huge cloud library where you can download all the materials , backgrounds or HDRI environments You can tweak all the materials backgrounds or adjust the HDRI environments I have the Keyshot 6 It is 100% CPU based render engine so no expensive videocard is needed I am working also with VRAY and i know how to use both render programs I think Keyshot 6 is equal in quality in VRAY

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