how print the letters on tyre in catia?

here i attached photo.....

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i know other way generally what we do to print the text on the solid face of the part
go to drafting select the text and type the letters what you wanted to appear on the part save that drawing in dwg format to do this go to file -save as select the file type as "dwg" and save it to particular location say on desk top
close the drawing file and open the file you have saved in the dwg format on your desktop copy the text which you have typed
open the part on which you want this text to appear and just go to sketcher and select the face of the part onwhich the text you want to place paste the text which you have copied from the dwg file
it might not be placed properly where you want to place the text move the text to the required location and exit the sketcher workbench and select the pad command and select the sketch just now you have created
note; not all font formats are used in this case and make sure that the outlines of the letters are not crossed to each other otherwise the sketch will not be extruded

Ganesh Patil

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In the photo studio workbench you can add a sticker (jpg) to a surface. So add your jpg at the side of the tire and render the modell.


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As I understood after transferring to Catia from SW we have to forget forever all SW´s simplicity of working with images.

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Nice use of sticker function.
I downloaded the files, but cannot open them.
Which version did you make them in ?.

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