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How quick can we model this in catia?

By Sunil Naik on 07 May 06:28 4 answers 1 comment

sheet metal product

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  • kuldeep sharma
    kuldeep sharma 5 months ago

    according to me, it can be draw by rolled wall in sheet metal in which you can draw cross-section of this profile and give length with sheet thickness and after it you can go for slots or cuts.

  • Umesh Shepur
    Umesh Shepur 5 months ago

    first we need to sweep
    & select the surface & go to sketch, draw the sketch
    and pocket

    it will finish within 5 minute

  • Jack Knapp
    Jack Knapp 5 months ago

    It can also be done with Part Design (solids) just as fast and easy as Umesh said.

    It can also be done with Sheetmetal workbench, but might take twice as long (more steps), but you get a flat pattern.

  • Amit Patel
    Amit Patel 5 months ago

    If you are good, I would say 10minutes start to finish, 5minutes if you was "racing".

    If you are interested I can create you a video of me doing this. Just request this from us at

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