How recover drawing file?

Recover a drawing file when the Recover command fails
can anybody tell me how to recover a drawing file if Recover command couldn't make it?
When i use the recover command i get an Autocad message : "Unable to recover drawing file"

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Hi there,
This is the method I use when the actual drawing file is corrupted. At the very bottom of the "Tools" pull-down menu, click on "Options" This will indicate where the temporary drawing files are store. If you've been using Autosave, then there should be some files with the .sv$ file extension kicking around in this folder.
Next using Explorer I locate an .sv$ file which was created before you started having problems with the drawing file. Rename this to a .dwg file extension, then open it with AutoCAD. Hopeful you will have something usable, that will save you drawing the whole thing from scratch.
Another method which I usually attempt is DWG Viewer Tool

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Look up were Acad saves the for the file and rename the extension to .dwg Most of the times this will do the job.

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