How should I select tolerance and dimension for rim and tyre?

Hello everybody,

I designed a tire (plastics) and tyre (robber, solid) in the NX11. I should do drafting and should do dimension and tolerance for it. It is a little hard. Can anyone help with this. please send me massage if you can do it?


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Hard to say, undoubtedly an 'interference' fit but without knowing the application, it's a crap shoot.

Here is picture of my wheel. Rim+Tire

The tyre plus sizing or the tyre upsizing is the procedure of replacing a wheel with a larger one and mounting a lower profile tyre while keeping an overall tyre diameter and a tyre circumference the same or approximately the same as it is for the original equipment(OE) tyre.
The most popular Plus Sizing methods are:

Plus Zero - utilizes the same wheel diameter as the OE tyre but combines it with a tyre which has a larger section width and a smaller aspect ratio than the OE tyre.
Plus One - utilizes a one-inch larger diameter wheel in comination with the tyre which has a one-step lower aspect ratio than the OE tyre.
Plus Two - utilizes a two-inch larger diameter wheel in combination with the tyre which has a two-step lower aspect ratio than the OE tyre.
Beware that the Plus Zero method may require a replacement wheel in order to maintain the proper rim width for a new tyre. Methods: Plus One and Plus Two always require a replacement wheel.