How to 3D models in Catia V5 when given a model?

I am just learning Catia but my company receives Catia files that need the model's orientation to suit the CMM (PC-DMIS) program we have. So far I am assuming, that I have to use the sketch position feature? Thanks for any tips.

Newbie! :)

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Do you mean "positioned sketch"?
It is easy, use "positioned sketch", in the dialog box are 3 fields, the first is position, use pa plane in wich you will to place your sketch, then in the second field use Projection point, and use a point (an odigin of a axsis system, this point will be also the origin of your sketch, respectively the intersectio of H and V axsis in your sketch), and the third and last step, use paralel to line, and select al line that will be your H or V axsis in your sketch.

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