How to achieve the most precise logo/symbol tracing design?

Hi All,

I have imported & scaled a picture of a symbol to be traced on a sword I'm designing.
The design will be saved as a DFX file for laser cutting.
Besides using splines, to provide the path, are there any other techniques to
get the most precise quality.

I've done a few connect the dots style in the past, just thought I'd inquire to see
if there are other options.

Thanks in advance,

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1 Answer

I'd normally use a program like Vector Magic for this task, but your image of the pattern is a photograph, so the results will not be as good, or as easy to get when compared to a starting image that has better contrast between the design and the background.
You may get better results in a vector based art program like Illustrator or Inkscape. The use of a pen/tablet will be much better than a mouse. If you can turn on an option for "jitter control" or "lazy mouse", it will really help to give the smooth curves.
SolidWorks has its own "Autotrace" add-in, but I doubt it will give anything useful in this case.
Using SolidWorks splines to trace the shape as you mentioned will work, but this design is complex, and will be difficult to complete. If it must be done in SolidWorks, I'd split the work into several sketches.
I've attached an example that only took a few minutes to create. If you can find a design you like with better contrast, a DXF can be made very quickly.

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