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How to add a cosmetic thread to this part?

By Simple Projects on 19 Apr 07:12 2 answers 725 views 2 comments

Please see the image for more explanation!

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Cosmetic Thread.SLDPRT, 1.03 MB

2 answers

  • Simple Projects
    Simple Projects over 2 years ago

    MALLIAS, thanks for showing how it is done using a good shortcut method :)
    Trinityscsp, obviously your method (which is the base standard method) doesn’t work for some strange reasons on this part for me (I am surprised that it has worked for you)! I am not sure how you got it work with this method!
    ...I used a third option…I converted the file to IGS and then back to SLDPRT, which solved the issue!
    Anyway, thanks for your replies!

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