How to add a custum property like SW-MASS

I would like to give some parts a value " power " and some not ( or just 0) . When making an assembly i want it to give me the total power . Similar to the way Solidworks has SW-MASS that gives total weight when making an assembly .
up till now i experimented with Global Var and equations with little luck .

Thanks in advance ,

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Would it work to:
- Add your customer property to each part.
- Create the assembly
- Create a drawing
- Insert a bill of material
- Have a column sum up the custom property.

It is not available at the assembly level, so maybe not a perfect solution.

The only other thing I can think of is if there is a way to create a custom sensor at the assembly level. Or, you could hijack the entry for manufacturing cost and use it for "power".

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Hi Fred ,
I already added a custom property to all parts ( my test parts ) .
In the assembly I just can't get it to give a summation like you get with SW-MASS

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With a bill of material in a drawing, it should be able to sum up any column... But admittedly, I don't use BOM's very often. They used to be Excel based, but I can't imagine they got rid of functions like sum, or average.
I'll see if I can test it out today.

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