How to add a label onto a surface in Keyshot without bleedover to other surfaces?

This is frustrating me quite a bit. I'm messing around with Keyshot and am attempting to add a product label to a recessed surface. However, the label bleeds over onto the other surfaces instead of constraining itself to the one I want. Is there a way to apply a label to a single surface so that when it reaches the edges it simply disappears like in SolidWorks?

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Okay I figured it out myself. Position your camera looking directly at the surface and use normal projection to place your label. Once it is positioned correctly, use the depth setting to change what surfaces it translated onto.

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Yeah sae with Kyle, dont bother for labels with solidworks its too painful, lets go with Photoshop, it does the work pretty well

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I do not have an answer to your question but I will say that after struggling with applying labels in solidworks for years I have realized that I always save myself time by just adding all labels in photoshop.

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