How to add a weld table in Inventor drawings?

I need to place into the .idw a weld table, where it shows the beads, materials, mass of rods and it must be connected to the 3d model, updating itself just like the BOM. I googled and found out Solidworks has a feature like this, but i can't find anything in Inventor.

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Unfortunately, I don't know if this can be done automatically within Inventor without creating some iLogic code. However, you can create the bead report from the Weldment Assembly and then upload that bead report into the Inventor drawing. This is a manual process, so you would have to perform those steps every time the welding beads are updated. Not ideal, but can at least get you started. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Hope all is well and have a most blessed night!


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Hi Pete,

Thats exactly what I'm doing right now.
Unfortunately Inventor does not have a more automatized way to do it.
Thanks anyway.
And as the automatic table created with the .xls file is horrible, I managed to create a sketched symbol in which I'm prompted to complete the quantity of consumables of each drawing. Not the ultimate solution, but one that is working for the moment.


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