how to add clamps in powermill

i want to add clamps on my job in power mill so that i can restrict cutter movement there to avoid any kind of accident, but dont know how to add clamps. as in ug we have direct command to add clamps..but in power mill i am unable to find.

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3 Answers

You better to create the boundary in power mill to avoid the accident in machine.

power mill let you to control the machining area and to move cutter in specific boundary specified by user.

There is no use to make the clamps and similar, just import your model and find the best machining method which suited to space of machining and restrict tools to be in limit.
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Amigo, si quieres añadir abrazaderas y que el mecanizado reconozca que estas están allí, solo debes utilizar la opción (referencias de espesor-modo de mecanizar-ignorar) pruébala es muy buena.

Friend, if you want to add the machining clamps and recognize that these are there, you just have to use the option (references thick-mode machine-ignore) test it is very good.

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