How to add dimension drawing to a dome

Hello, I'm trying to add dimension to a dome part, in a drawing sheet, but SW don't let me pick it up.
How can I add dimension on this dome, total high, arc dimension....

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When I have an issue like that I will add a layer that I can turn on/off and make where it will not print

Lock the view focus to the view you want to work in and create a sketch and convert entities.

Put this sketch on the layer that will be turned off or not print

you may need a point as some curves will not be able to dimension well.

Now add dimensions or notes with leaders to the sketch (making sure these notes and dimensions are on a layer that will stay visible.

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I like Stephen's idea of using layers.
I always forget about layers in SolidWorks, so I'd solve it by creating a horizontal line that is tangent to the top of the dome. You should then be able to add a dimension from the base to the new line.
Afterwards, you can either hide the sketch. Or if feeling really lazy, just make the line segment really short so it is never spotted again.

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It's automatically generated that's why we can't define its dimension I think

You can check it here

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You can also create a reference geometry in the part like point at the tip or a plane tangent with horizontal constraint. In drawing dimension it to the reference geometry. So in future even if you are changing the size or profile, that reference feature always remains there and your dimension will never fail in the drawing. Always try avoiding to make any construction sketches in drawings to achieve a dimension.

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