How to add gear teeth to a model?


I'm working on a car jack, which is my project for Basics of Machine Construction. I decided to model it in Inventor since many dimensions are still work in progress.

I have a problem adding gear teeth to the top inserts (circled in red in the picture), which would stabilize the mechanism (they're not necessary, but supposedly helpful). I know there is a dedicated tool for creating gears on assembly level, but I was wondering whether there's an easy way to make gear teeth in raw material like this, preferably on part level.

Does anyone have any ideas? :)

Thanks in advance and cheers!

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I would post the same question right now and i came up with yours Pawel... another way should be to get a fixed gear from the library.. and then model your shaft on the gear... will it work William??? (never tried that since now, but i always thought of that)

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This is a very simple way but not correct as to the calculations you would need for it to be proper gears. In the design centre of IV that will do the calculations for you but you must know what you are doing with the calculations for it to be properly generated.
Here is a web site that you could go to and make a simple gear then just take a screen shot of it and import that in to IV part leave and sketch the drawing from the imported image.

This will be in no case right but if it is just a quick fix you want it should do the job.

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