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how to add lamborghini logo to rim ?

By Linkn_Slim on 28 Jul 16:25 4 answers 2 comments

help ho to add a lamborghini logo to my rim
i did a image sketch but it Disappeared at redering ?

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Lamborghini_Aventador__Jante.SLDPRT, 3.38 MB

4 answers

  • a1ce339a
    a1ce339a about 4 years ago

    have you tried a decal?
    its differant than an image sketch. Or upload the file and I will try it if you can't get it to work.

  • a1ce339a
    a1ce339a about 4 years ago

    Here it is by useing Decal.
    if you type in decal in the help section on your program it will tell you how I did this. hope it helps. also I had to change your decal with the same ecept the background is black.


    Lamborghini_Aventador__Jante_1A.SLDPRT, 3.46 MB
  • Karthik Tsalla
    Karthik Tsalla over 3 years ago

    a1ce339a Could you please do it in Catia V5 r20 So that it could help me because i did not have lisence to import SLDPRT file into catia....

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