How to add(Make on one body ) surface area with solid part ?? ( Help to make mold in solid works )

I have made one part with solid body and extended one edge with area that i need impression on die with punch for id.(Attached here with this question).

Now when i use spit line tool to make parting ling ,surface area could not select.Please help.

And also when i use parting ling tool its seem two different part in body selection.I need to select body as one part with this surface area.(Scree shot attached here with question.

Please help to solve this problem.

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12 Answers

Surface and solid can not be selected as one while using split line command.
Why don't you create the mold only using the solid?
When you have the core you can extrude cute the current Surface volume and put your punched id there.

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By avoiding the extra Surface and only taking the solid part into consideration, You can easily create molds like the attached photo.

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Before jumping into mold, don't Forget to add draft angle as well as fillets on the Corner. These are the normal practice.
Draft angle helps you to pull off mold cavity/core easily after material injection.
Fillets ensures smooth material flow inside the mold and produces part without sharp Corners.

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Dear Sahedul Abedin ,

In the second, according to your advice , I have made another mold.

Better under standing i am going to attached two image by which you can get better.

Image 1 original : Mold made by you punch is perfect at both side.

Image 2 problem one : Error one

Problem is, you have use combine part for two times and in second one at the opposite side when i have try to combined, i can not select the portion that you have select.Directly all split become select.

I didn't use that step .Result as shown in image.One side having step over punch and impression same on mold.

And please guide me why you have done surface extrude 2.You choose direct is perpendicular to front plan and distance is 10mm .Why it is necessary.I also put 10mm in my current project. How you brought the value of the 10 ?? It is random ??

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Dear Sahedul Abedin ,

Can you please help me to solve error (CAN NOT KNIT SPLIT TOGETHER ?) at the time of tooling split .

I wants to design investment casting mold.please suggest best design for insert.I have made as three insert as below ,

1) center id punch
2) right and left side gap insert block
3) drill one (two each side )

Thanks you in advance

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Dear Sahedul abedin ,

As you have suggested, i have create fillet that can.Now error is different. Model attached here .

I need two side core ,one id core and main split tool.

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Dear Sahedul abedin ,

Sorry to be late reply.

Hope you had good health.

Here i am attaching missing attachment.

I have one more question to get help from you.

Sir As you know we will get wax pattern from this mold.And you can see the part design we need three core as id one and two for side core.When we get mold as per parting line as per attached model we need some raw part impression over side core to remove wax pattern perfectly.

How can we do this please help ??

for better understand this problem i have made try mold (Not from this right method it is by extrude ,combine nd split tools ) and i can share file if you want here by which you can get more detail.

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Dear Sahedul abedin ,

Soory to late reply.

I have try to make as simple as possible as per your instruction . Solid work file attached here with this question.

Please Guide me to select parting line by which I can get the mold that i need.Also suggest steps for getting side core with wax pattern can be remove.

Please reply needful

Many thanks in advance


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