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how to add material in solidworks and one more doubt

By boobalan on 15 Feb 11:49 2 answers 1 comment

I have to calculate the weight of the component so I need to apply the correct material to the correct problem is I need mildsteel material in solidworks 2010 but there is nothing naming like mild I searched in web they specified that plain steel is mild steel so I used this plain steel.but the density value of the mild steel is 7850,but this plain steel showing 7800kg/m'3..zo please help me how to xo this operation in solidworks software

2 answers

  • Aled J Taylor
    Aled J Taylor over 4 years ago

    You need to create a custom material.
    In the material dialog box, copy and paste an existing material into 'Custom Materials'.
    Then edit the values as required.

  • Joshua Woodring
    Joshua Woodring 5 months ago

    I used for a help when had similar problem and couldn't figure out how it is possible. They also solved my problem with the help of custom material feature.

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