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how to add matrial to parts ?

By taha on 05 Aug 10:14 5 answers 2 comments

i'm a beginner in rendering using keyshot 3 and when i drag and drop the matrial over the specific element the all project get the material not only the selected element , please help?
* using catia v 5

5 answers

  • Ollie Keattch
    Ollie Keattch over 4 years ago

    Go to edit, scene. You should then see a window with the name of your project - right click the name, and click on "unlink all materials". You will now be able to apply materials to individual surfaces.
    Another easy way is to group objects together into different layers (depending on what program you're using - I use Rhino so it's layers) - then when you import into keyshot, it preserves the layers, so you can apply a different material to each layer. Can be much quicker than doing it for each individual surface.

  • Ollie Keattch
    Ollie Keattch over 4 years ago

    The first way is very time-consuming, only suggested it because it's the most simple. Hopefully someone who knows Catia can tell you how to group things together in the project before importing - as vinothkumar.m said, it's a good habit to get into.

  • gurudath
    gurudath over 4 years ago

    inside catia you can assign different colours to different parts by right clicking on the in this way when you import it keyshot recognizes it as a different part so you can easily apply different materials.

  • taha
    taha over 4 years ago

    thanks Ollie Keattch it works

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