How to adjust and model an LCA

Hello Everyone.

I apologize for the bother but I am have quite the difficulty making something that is extremely simple or what I would think would be extremely simple but I guess either I am making things way too difficult or I just am dumb. Either way, here is my issue.

I am working on building parts for my car, before I make the aftermarket parts to send to the machine shop to get made, I need to know how to make the stock ones and how to make the parts in the first place which upsets me that I cant figure it out after watching tons of tutorials.

What I am currently trying to make is my Lower control arm.
I have tried making it from top view with sketch, extrude it, then tried to make it in side view and delete cut the top to where I need, only issue is measurements are useless and its guessing which if sent to the shop... would be useless if its the wrong size. I also dont think it would help when later in time, I try to stress test it all.

Im going to add photos of what I am trying to build and hoping someone could possibly guide me or refer me to how to build it.

I have not saved what I have done as normally I get annoyed that something so simple, I cannot do. Especially when watching tutorials where they play around and just... walla, a computer speaker appears... -_-

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
If someone is willing to teach me further like via Skype or something, i am willing to do this as well as where I work, solidworks is needed for the machine to build the parts needed so I am definitely interested in learning anything I can, many projects I have to make and little knowledge I have of this program.

Thank you everyone in advance.

1 Answer

I apologize for leaving out some information.
Some of the issues I have been having is like at the end of the control arm where the bearing is pressed into, has a small lift which I for some reason cannot figure out how to make that slight lift with the solid. Also, the small bend at the bottom I am having a hard time with as well, I cannot figure out how to merge another solid together with the first solid to possibly just make the each part one by one which I know would take forever, but would do if needed until I learn how to make it properly.