how to analys the part in catiav5?

how analysis the part in catiav5 and how save the animated part in videofile?

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If you want to create an analysis for a part in CATIA, first you may need the GPS license. Then you will have the Generative Part Structural Analysis.
To create an analysis case :
1) Define the material for the part, example Aluminium material
2) you may want to change the properties of the material to suit your needs (Optional)
3) Select the Generative Structural Workbench, one analysis case is open.
4) Define the Mesh size for your part. (Smaller mesh more accurate result but need more time to compute the calculation.)
5) Define the Boundary Conditions. Example: Define a faces that you want to put Restraint(Example, CLAMP). Define on which faces you want to apply the Load(Example, Distribute Load).
6) Click Compute to calculate the result.
7) You may view the result by the graphic choice of Von Mises Stress, Deformation and Displacement.

If you want to record the animated analysis you can use Tools>Image>Video. But this will create and AVI with a big size. i recommend that you use a third party sofware such as the one that i usually use is CAMTASIA. It will produce a better video for you.

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