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How to animate constraints for a camshaft

By Sylwester Ma on 16 Jul 13:07 5 answers 3 comments

Hi, i would like to learn how to animate a camshaft constrains in catia V5.

In some of the 3D programs you just need to add tangent constraints between 2 parts but this is not the case in CatiaV5.
What i want to achieve is to move the cam itself so that the vertical shaft slides along the shape of my cam.
Please help and make a short and easy (or long and not so complicated) step by step tutorial how to animate constraints for a camshaft as shown on this screenshot i attached.

Also adding my files for this learning project. Maybe it will help somebody.

Added images


Attachments, 76.1 KB

5 answers

  • Sylwester Ma
    Sylwester Ma over 3 years ago

    Thank you for your answer.
    The goal is to animate it in DMU but i need first to know how to make those constraints in catproduct file. There is no tangency constraints in catia so i do not know how to do it and i need a little bit of help.

    One more try with my CatiaV5R21 files ;)


    cam.CATPart, 72.2 KB
    cams_anim.CATProduct, 32.9 KB
    shaft.CATPart, 55.9 KB
    support.CATPart, 116 KB
  • Prasanth Annepu
    Prasanth Annepu over 3 years ago

    Your attachments are showing the error while opening.
    "DMU Kinematics" workbench in Catia is used to animate constraints by fixing a body and add some appropriate Degree if Freedom to joints.

  • Sylwester Ma
    Sylwester Ma about 3 years ago

    still need some help so anybody know how to solve it?

  • Sylwester Ma
    Sylwester Ma about 3 years ago

    @Ali Farnia
    Added a batch conversion to v5r18 (i think... -.- some people say it will not work - and i only have v5r21)


    cam.CATPart, 48.5 KB
    shaft.CATPart, 43.3 KB
    support.CATPart, 54.4 KB
  • sundaram
    sundaram about 3 years ago

    DMU kinematic--> click the Assembly constraint conversion tool (below the anchor tool )--> then click the part ---> click new mechanism on the recently appeared dialog box-->click auto create mechanism-->then click mechanism on the specification tree--->command-->Enter the translation or rotational mechanism value on the command... before that check for degree of freedom should not be 0... after that a dialog box will appear as "the mechanism has been simulated".. now click the simulation player and click insert--> now play... for slower simulation select level 0.01

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