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How to animate in pro-e/creo?

By Logamurugaraj S on 11 Aug 08:58 3 answers 9692 views 0 comments

Please give me tutorial for creating animation of anything in pro-e/creo

3 answers

  • Berkani
    Berkani about 4 years ago

    hello, may be this will help you it´s a short exsample :)

    1. Step 1

      you have to take Snapshots of the positions you like to animat


    2. Step 2

      like the Snapshot 3


    3. Step 3

      after that you go to Animation


    4. Step 4

      you open follow-key image ( the yellow one)


    5. Step 5

      in the step you pick the snapshot you have taken in first step


    6. Step 6

      example , you folow this steps one by one and you do the same for the other snapshots


    7. Step 7

      after you've finished all of them you push play


    8. Step 8

      and save your animation


  • Aqil Ghaffar
    Aqil Ghaffar about 4 years ago

    i think it should be done in mechenica or mechnism( modules of pro-e)

  • Berkani
    Berkani about 4 years ago

    but in mechanika is something different, look in my videos i have add, there is one of the Compass i did it in mechanika.

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