How to apply a von mises stress analysis (FEA) with this crane bridge a shown?

I used Solidworks Weldment in this model, I didn't apply any weldment, the contruction of the structural members only, I followed the step by step procedure but the von mises stress result did not appear. Additional, I also want to know if the weight of the entire bridge is needed to be added with the weight of the hoist in placing a force parameter in the model or not needed anymore.

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2 Answers

go to office products

click on Solidworks Simulation

then click in Simulation

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select the kind of analisys you want to

set the material
set the conections
set the loads

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when you run the simulation, and the simulation converge to a result, then the deformation of the piece is showed in your screen. In the feature manager, in the simulation tree, you'll see a new icon called "results" you will see in that "result" item, the stress (vonmises). You right click on the vonmises item and then select to show that and YOU GET IT! in the screen is showed the vonmises result

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