how to apply animation in autocad 2011

hello there, i want to apply animation in 3d autocad model. for example i want to make a screw/ gear rotate.... or show how various parts of a machine fit together using animation. can anybody guide me on how to do it?

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This kind of animation cannot be made in AutoCAD. You better use Inventor instead.
(AutoCAD can generate Walk & Fly's but not animated objects.

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i can make this type of animation.
But its very difficult to make this one.
by script animation i made this type of animation.
Automatic assembly closed and open also screw & bolt also rotate in Autocad.

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after finished your design . write command ANIPATH in command bar.after open the command u can see new window like this on your screen .in part 1 u most select 1 point or make line in your skim because camera watch line to make film( make camera shot ) .then in part 2 u most make big line or ... to make camera movement line then press ok to make film or 3d from skim.

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you can do this type of animations ...

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