How to apply circular pattern to cut-extrude feature in Solidworks

I am trying to design a bicycle wheel. Initially, I've created a plane just above the tyre surface and sketched the design of the threading. Next, i have created another sketch on tyre and applied revolve feature so that the surface acts as reference for the cut extend feature to apply "upto next" option for threading sketch to project and cut upto the reference surface . But when i try to circular pattern this cut-extrude feature, it shows "geometry pattern fails". Couldn't figure out what possibly I could have done wrong. I am kind of beginner in cad i'd be very grateful if you could help. Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

using "upto next" under Extrude cut Feature is the root cause of the Problem. Patterned feature can not find the "upto next" reference you used in first extution therefore Shows the error "geometry pattern fails".

using 'Blind' Option and you will be all right.

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Try extrude cut from the surface and then use blind direction.

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