How to apply Liftoff and Friction with PTC Creo Parametric

It is possible apply Liftoff and Friction for PTC Creo Parametric models?
It is possible create animation for this models?

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3 Answers

... here is the Video tutorial for you:
Short video tutorial where you can find a few steps for dynamic influences such as Friction and Liftoff

Answered with a tutorial:

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Hi @bj
...for domino animation do you need to create 3D contact - here is the short tutorial for you:
(apply 3D contact to point - for all vertex point on the bricks)

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Dear mister Palffy,
I've been trying to get domino stones to push-down one after another with MDO, but I just cant get it to work. Perhaps you know how to fix it? It seems you could get it to work! Any chance you would upload an example?

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