How to ask GRABCAD to put DESIGNERS on the website TAB.

Hello, I have a small suggestion for GRABCAD's website and would like to know how to let them know about it. As GRABCAD gets bigger more people from the design fields will join. Designers are going to be discouraged to join the website if they see a tab called engineers and non for designers. GRABCAD could create a tab called DESIGNERS and then have users specify what they are and you can be both. The other option is just to remove ENGINEERS and replace it with members.

Thank's for reading.

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Interesting @Bamidele. How do other engineers and designers feel about that?

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Being an Engineer, and since grabcad is about engineers for engineers, I would say no.
We seem to have more and more NEW USERS and the hardcore Engineers seem to be put on the back burner.

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