How to assemble a stone quarrying machine?

I wish to assemble a stone cutting machine similar to this I have an Air cooled 4 stroke diesel engine to power the machine, hydraulic pumps to move the vertical and horizontal blades, small electrical control panel to start/stop engine and move the hydraulic around and a heavy duty steel frame to hold and this components together.

My challenge is how to come up with a drawing detailing components/parts required to assemble the engine to rotate the vertical and horizontal shafts that turn the cutting blades and how to turn off either the vertical/horizontal shafts whenever am not using them.

Thank you...

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this would take knowledge of cad for 1. Couldn't tell by your un-filled profile.
then its just a matter of drawing the parts and giving an explanation of how to assemble ( using the pictures )
If your asking how to do the assembly itself then your in the wrong place.
what your doing is clear. but what your asking is not.

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