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how to assemble ball bearing ?

By taha on 21 May 19:38 3 answers 0 comments

Hi, everyone
I'm very happy to be part in this great community .
I've designed 6206 ball bearing parts( inner ring,outer ring and the balls ) in part design workbench but when i tried to assemble it together i can't set the balls to be tangent to the out or the inner rings , so I'm asking if any one can help in assembling the bearing?

3 answers

  • Mohammad Amin Khorasanchi
    Mohammad Amin Khorasanchi over 3 years ago

    it's a rule for catia and sw as i know.
    draw main body and ball bearing in part design.
    then assembly them in assembly part.

  • taha
    taha over 3 years ago

    this are the parts I've designed , i did not design the outer ring yet but i think these part will help
    thanks in advance


    inner.CATPart, 69.1 KB
    ball-ring.CATPart, 211 KB
    ball.CATPart, 52.2 KB

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