How to assemble gears in proE?

Can anyone explain me how to assemble gears..Like Helical,Spur,Bevel gear etc..and what constraints must be applied during assembly..

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You not need to assemble gears using the surfaces, don´t try it because is too difficult and imprecise.

Do the following, create coordinate axis in the center of the gear in each part or make sure that the default coordinate axis is in the center doing a good modeling. Create a third part in wich you especify the distance possitioning axis at the same distance of the centers. In the assembly first add this last part by default, add the first gear alingned with one axis and use one plane to mate it, add the another gear aligned to the free axis. I recomend you use the constraint called "pin"

I hope that it helped you, tell me what happend.

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I found a tutorial that helped me, which is based on Creating Spur Gears and Assembling & animating it..
here is the tutorial

hope this will be helpfull 4u..

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