How to attach floor shadow to a chosen plane - Solidworks 2012 sp0

Hi, I just downloaded Solidworks 2012 student edition from DDS, as my 2011 license has expired. One thing in particular that doesn't seem to function as it should compared to the 2011 version is the floor shadow locations.

Prior the 2012 version, this could have been easily done by editing a scene and attach a chosen plane for the floor shadow. However, 2012 does not seem to work when I repeat the this process.

I was wondering if this is a known bug that has been fixed on the updated service packages, or am just doing something wrong. If the later, any suggestions how I could set my floor shadows where ever I want?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, have you checked:
Appearances tab (feature tree)
RMB on scenes "edit scene"
floor plane pulldown

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I've never had incidents with PV360 on this, it's an add-in so I doubt Luxology has the same SP dates as SWorks.

Do the standard floor planes work, or are you not able at all to rotate floor projection,?

Have you tried rotating a model (for trial purposes), I'm not sure this works in PV360.

Check your toggles, but I don't even see what you could uncheck to get this situation.

Good luck, I'll keep looking.

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