How to automatic update latest version to grab cad?

Using ProE it always add .## at end of file, i.e prt.01, prt.02 etc. So everytime i have done a modification to the CAD i then delete all the files on grabcad, and i need to go through manually and figure out all the files with the highest number and upload them. Is it a better and easier way to do this?

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Well, then i lost track of the revison of each part. The new part is called test.prt.01 then test.prt.02.

I guess i need to make a program that copies the highest number out from the hardrive to a new folder and takes away the ending and then i can upload it to grabcad so that grabcad only show last version.

Is there a way to automnatically upload to grabcad?

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Well we model everything in proe, but just uses grabcad to visulize the models for people without proe, because its excelent for that, and its on the web..

However we modify parts several times a day normally and just want to minimize the waste time of finding latest version and upload it, and to make sure that the latest version always is on the web..

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Simple, just upload the new file with the same name...
The old one will be replaced by the new one....

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You can always delete the existing files manual and than upload yous latest model/file. automaticly upload?? don't think so, but than do you want your PC to do things automaticly...???

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