How to avoid thickening error in solid works. And how to solve it.

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This is the diagnostic approach I use with thicken
When thicken fails
1. See if offset surface works, if it does you can manually complete the thicken feature, usually when thicken fails offset will fails
2. In the evaluate tab look at the curvature of the face, the primary reason for the thicken feature failing is that the curvature is too sharp to actually produce an offset, in these cases, you'll have to modify the surface to have smoother curvature
3. Sometimes there isn't much you can do with the thicken feature, so you'll have to build all of the surfaces to make a solid, manually, it can be time consuming, but for certain geometry it is the only way to get the exact geometry you want.

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Error comes due to
1.your sketch may not be fully closed( there is some space left in between).
2.due to the wrong offset distances of the planes.