how to be more professional in catia or any modelling softwARE

i m a engineering student . and i want to learn something advance in catia which can be very benificial i had knowledge about gsd and part designing but after this i am little confused lo learn something new so please can anyone experienced person can help me or guide me for future precpective in modelling

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I would suggest you aim towards your career goals, and focus your learning in that direction.

In general, you can expand your CATIA skills in the following workbenches:
- sheetmetal
- advanced surface modeling
- FEA analysis
- kinematics
- drafting
- NC programming (mill and lathe)
- Visual Basic programming (CATIA macros)
- composites
- etc.

And don't forget to practice, practice, practice.

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of course, 3D Printing should be added to the top of the list!

GrabCad staff: please forgive me

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Learn optimizations of models, anyone can make anything but without optimal, it's kinda wasted.

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Spend as much time on the software as possible. Design your own products or reverse engineer a product that you like.

Watch as many videos that you can and take more CAD classes.

But there's no substitute for practicing and learning from your mistakes.

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