How to become good design engineer

I was beginner in ptc creo parametric & i know how to use rendering tools ...i want to become a good design engineer

what are the technical skills & designing skills required ....
give some ideas(urs experience)to how to prepare & how to reach my goal

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Step 1 - Practice. Make lots of models.
Step 2 - Observe. See how things are made, and assembled.
Step 3 - Learn. Learn how things are made. What are the design limitations of different manufacturing methods? Design your parts with adequate feature size, wall thickness, draft angle, strength...etc.

You'll also need to determine if you'll be designing the same things over and over again, or if you will design different things.

A design is no good if it can't be produced at a reasonable price. A design is also no good if it looks like a polished turd, try to find a balance.

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Here is a link to the curriculum I had in college. I'm suggesting you look at the description of the courses involved that are major specific to kinda give you an idea of what industry will be looking for, and then you can research some of the topics mentioned in the description of the major specific courses.

I also suggest video tutorials on youtube. Some of the best tutorials are found on there and also on forums for the software.

Also everything FredSWUG has said. Especially the limitations the manufacturing methods of todays world have. Just because you can model/draw it on the computer, doesn't mean it can be built. 3D printing more or less can do that, but only to a limited extent.

Good luck!

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