How to begin for CAD career?

Hi everyone, I have recently finished the CAD corse in university and I want to begin to work as a CAD specialist, but the problem is that corse was initially designed for amateures rather than for professionals, and we didn't learn things like sketching with hands or deep physics of mechanisms.

So my tutor told me that there are two ways for becoming CAD specialist: You will be either engineer-designer or technician(who does not do any sketchings, just creates 3D model of sketch made by engineer).

I want advice from professional engineers about which direction is the best for beginner.

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To really get you started, you might want to ask your professors at your university exactly what CAD software's they have available on campus. At my college, we learned how to use AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, and CREO. These are some of the most widely used software in industry. Once you find out what your college has available, start on youtube with some basic tutorial videos and follow those along. Most of the softwares have tutorials in them also.

Also, what college are you currently at now? From what it sounds like, the college I went to and the program I did might just be what you are looking for and maybe you could consider transferring.

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