How to bend my solid in the right way?

Hello everyone,

as a starting Solidworker I'm having some trouble with the following issue. I have a model that I want to bend in a specific way, however, the Flex tool doesn't allow me to bend it the way I want to. 3DSketch12 shows how my solid should be bent, the circular part (base of sketch) should be kept as straight as possible (entirely straight if possible). With Twisting and Bending (lots of trying..) I could not achieve what I want to do. Attached is in image (topview) of how it should end up.

How can I achieve the desired result?

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Here is a way to do it, although it will probably get more deformed that you like to.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Thanks so much for your answer. It worked out just fine after a few tries. However, after having deformed the solid, I'm unable to split it as you explained before:

Attached is the latest version, I've tried several things to split it, but failed as the filled surface produces a bump in the circular part that I can not fix. (Tried editing the sketch, creating a similar sketch but all sketches that resemble the form I'm trying to create produce bumps when I surface-fill them)

Is there a way to split the model across it's centerline?

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You do not need to use a filled surface since you used the second split line. The part is already cut in the middle. Now you need to use the delete face tool and manually delete half of the faces of the part. Save the first part and then repeat the process for the other side of the part. You can then thicken the two surfaces to create solids.

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Even if you succeed my advice is to take the 3d sketch and the silhouette sketch of the part before the deform, place them in a new part and start again using surfaces. Once you bend the surface you can thicken it and apply fillets to get the same results.

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Thanks for all your help. I have not tried starting again using surfaces as the earlier described method works fine for me so far. I've successfully thickened the two parts, and have applied an extra edge on one of the sides so that they will smoothly click together once 3d printed.

Couldn't have done without your help, me gratitude is great! Thanks!

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have you tried flex command? i think its easy.

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