How to best replicate this Vehicles roof?

How would I best go about duplicating the features on this photo of a van roof?

I have tried importing the picture and drawing over it but because the image is not taken directly from above, the drawing is distorted....

I have the measurements of the roof to start with, for example, the larger rectangle panel in the middle is 980mm x 1250 so I can resize the image correctly.

I was thinking of adding the photo to a new plane at a slightly different perspective to the drawing to allow for the angle of the image but not sure how to go about this!

I would appreciate some advise on this.

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2 Answers

If it needs to be exact, I can't help. If you only want to model "close" to the actual I can help. I would just make the roof countour first. offset a plane and sketch the shapes and extrude to surface. Then If you wanted to follow the coutour, just offset the roof countour and cut the shape using that. I hope this helps.

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Thanks John, It only had to be "close" so I followed your advise - Its looking perfect now.

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