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how to bold dimensions at drawings

By Nir Modan on 22 Feb 11:37 6 answers 2 comments

I looking for a way to bold some specific dimensions in inventor drawing. Can someone tell me please how to do that?

6 answers

  • ady
    ady over 4 years ago

    I hope it will help you

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • Nir Modan
    Nir Modan over 4 years ago

    thanks for helping but i can't use this method...there are too much dimensions that i have to deal with and there are a lot of tolerances either. isn't there any option of choosing dimension, right click, edit, bold or something like that?

  • Nir Modan
    Nir Modan over 4 years ago

    when i click Right mouse button, there is an option of edit style. when i choose it and change dimension text to bold, it changes all of the dimensions to bold. in solidworks it's much simple :]

  • Nuno Felix
    Nuno Felix over 4 years ago

    Oops, sorry i thought it wasn't going through... did this work?

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