How to CAD a crown gear

I am trying to cad a crown gear. I have been researching if there are anyways to do this without needing specialized software (like geartrax or spiralbevel). So far I haven't been able to find anything. I have access to solidworks and inventor. Does anyone know how i could do this?

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Not too many in the library:

Though, one could be modeled if you had enough dimensions.

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What's the tooth profile of the mating gear?

If you're simply wanting to CAD something, then it probably doesn't matter. Don't believe there are any standards for 'crown' gear involutes as best I can recall.

That aside, I'd draw the sector (see "sector)

Then create the tooth profile cut (see "tooth_sector")

Then array for complete gear (see "full_array")

This method gives you some control over the tooth width at the OD, if that even matters. And... it makes for an easily parameterized 'master' model.

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