How to calculate induction motor minimum shaft diameter?

Please suggest how to calculate the induction motor shaft diameter? if any documents please shear.

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The shaft dia for an induction motor is based on the value of the torque that the motor produces. standard induction motors have shafts that have been designed to handle the max torque that, each size can produce. We select a particular induction motor from standard manufacturer's catalogue based on the power and speed requirements for the machine we are designing. The motor manufacturer normally will give this torque value in their motor catalogues, but if not provided, simple to calculate from motor rpm and power. Standard motor shaft diameters follow standards so the motor shaft will easily be strong enough to transmit the maximum torque the motor can produce. This maximum torque value the motor produces is used to size the components of the machine we are designing in making use of this motor to drive the mechanism of our machine.

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