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how to can i make holes about 22000 pieces (in solidworks)

By kenan özdemir on 08 Feb 11:46 7 answers 1713 views 0 comments

i have try it much time but i have failed

7 answers

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 2 years ago

    I believe this can not be done in won't co-operate with this..I have tried this also several times to do a pattern with lots of repeated sketches (holes)...but unfortunately computer says NO!!

    MALLIAS over 2 years ago

    What are you trying to create? If you have realview enabled you can use a cosmetic hole pattern.

  • kenan özdemir
    kenan özdemir over 2 years ago

    actually i have tried make analysis but i have failed its necessary to real holes my purpose that how change vapor with this holes did you undersand ?

  • kenan özdemir
    kenan özdemir over 2 years ago

    thanks so much ,but it is not enough i need so much also when we make this computer works very very slow its true ?

  • juan felipe rincon franco
    juan felipe rincon franco over 2 years ago

    yeah your computer will work slow too slow because solidworks make the same relations to many times so if you want to do a big pattern it is necessary an excelent computer or make it in parts in the little tutorial ( up, by : MALLIAS ) he makes a pattern of 120 copies of the original so, you can make 2 patterns of 60 copies each one.

  • Kanishk Navale
    Kanishk Navale over 2 years ago

    try reducing the tessalation of holes in the options and then give it a try!

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