How to carry out dynamic simulation for a turbine in solidworks?

I need to do dynamic simulation of turbine blades to check for the best possible shape.

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This would require three packages: Flow, Motion, and Linear Dynamics.

Run a flow analysis on the turbine, making sure to use a dummy body around the blades with a preset rotation in the initial conditions. You must specify rotation speed. This flow analysis will take some time. If you need to find the speed of a turbine with a flow, then do not rotate it and instead just force flow through it, then look at the resulting forces in all directions on one blade.

Make a motion analysis and put these same forces on all blades, then run. This will tell you how much mechanical work is being done in the shaft.

Lastly take the resulting speeds from the motion and create a linear dynamic analysis of one blade with an initial condition speed of that many rad/s.

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What do you want to confirm from simulation result ? Stress/strain/mode shape/etc?

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