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How to center patterned parts in an assembly?

By Mohamad Abood on 21 Aug 16:35 1 answer 1 comment


Please see attachment for a visualization.

I would like to know if someone had an idea how I could go about doing this, I have a profile length X, and a part that is mated to this profile and then patterned, I want to have all patterned parts be in the center of the profile length. I have used the width mate but my issue is that when I want to change the pattern quantity number, I would like it to automatically be centered again between the profile edges while maintaining their spacing to each other.

Any ideas?


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1 answer

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar over 1 year ago

    If you have at-least two surface contact easy to use copy with mates.. if not then try mirror , may be you get

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