How to change a STEP or ZIP file to a DWG. to use on CAD

i have a file i downloaded but i cant use it in CAD because is is a ZIP of STEP file.

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ZIP is a compressed file and does not say anything about the contents......
STEP is a 3D file that can be opened by most 3D software.....
the TWO have NOTHING to do with each other.........
And what do you mean by. "can't use it in CAD"....
What 3d software do you must be 3D software because this is a 3D-sharing community......

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AutoCAD can import the most common STEP files of the AP214 and AP203E2 standards. If it fails, the Fusion 360 cloud conversion comes to the rescue:

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STEP files are a 3D file format.
DWG files are a 2D file format.
Converting 3D to 2D is possible, but it is dependent on the geometry. If you could post your file, or a picture, it may be possible to provide better details.
The best case scenario is if the STEP file is essentially a design of something that would be cut with a laser, waterjet, or engraver.

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