How to change background color or standards in CATIA

Change drafting standards the easy way

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here is the image.

For background. go-->tools-->options
For drawing standarts. go-->file.

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Navigate to your CATIA drafting standards location... (example) C:\Program Files (x86)\Dassault Systemes\B19\intel_a\resources\standard\ Find the drafting folder and save it to your desktop... to get around having to be a admin in CATIA...(you need to have only machine admin privileges) make a copy of the xml doc you need to edit... example ASME_3D-Copy.... go into the XML and find "sheetcolors" change the RGB code to a background color of your preference... make changes and save XML doc... save the drafting folder back to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dassault Systemes\B19\intel_a\resources\standard\ Start CATIA Drafting select the XML document ASME_3D-Copy. all your changes will be established.

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