How to change face color of WHOLE part/assembly, instead individual faces (want to get all chrome)

I have a assembly that I wish to make all chrome. The only advice ive found through google will allow me to change material and the material list doesnt include all of the face colors that ive found available in other places.. any tips?

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That's ok...
Of course you already know how to change material on a model but to change the appearance afterwards as you said you need to pick individual faces.

I hope that you are aware of the difference between the material and the appearance... :P

However the change of the appearance can also be achieved by picking the features instead of individual faces... and then again right click properties and change the appearance...

But this is only a shortcut for a quick action....

What I would recommend is to open the styles editor in the "manage" tab and then find the material that you want make a copy of that and change in the appearance...

For example you want to use Aluminum but you don't want the common grey coulor either the blue anodized style therefore you use this routine to bring new combinations of material with different textures and coulors.

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Import the new textures.
If that's not what you meant then, ahh
Right click and hit remove all part appearances then
click the appearance ball and change all to what you want.
Sorry, I don't know if that's what you meant.hope it helps you.

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