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How to change links in CATIA??

By Yagnesh Shetty on 03 Jan 04:55 4 answers 0 comments

I wanted to design a new model based on existing model. So, I moved the files to a new folder. But, the links in the assemblies in this folder are still linked to the original folder. So, the changes that I do for the parts in this folder are not reflected in the assembly. I tried replacing the links but the message popup says part is already loaded.

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4 answers

  • Nedim
    Nedim almost 4 years ago

    I think you havent changed the instance name of the new part.
    When you create a new part from a exsiting part, cose the product, or open a new CATIA session (2 CATIA sessions are then opet in the first is your product, and in the secon is your new part). And when you do save in, do it with Save managment, Save as and save it as a new document, importat is to change the instance name.
    A other way is to use the oprion New from, it does create a new part, from an exsisting.

  • vinoth
    vinoth almost 4 years ago

    Hi Dude,

    You can copy the file,the one which you want to Remaster and paste into other file, While pasting use the option PASTE SPECIAL->AS RESULT.

  • Nima Najafi-ziarani
    Nima Najafi-ziarani 6 months ago

    if u want to break any link with original file u should copy PartBody(olny!) of original CATPart (Picture 1) and Past it in new part(Picture 2)
    Now u have a same part Without link With original Part(Picture 3) ;)
    Keep in mind that if in original part u have "Geometrical Set", u must copy both(part body + Geometrical Set) (picture 4).

  • Abhijeet
    Abhijeet almost 4 years ago

    use send to>directory rather than "save as" or save management.

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