How to change orientation(90 to180, 180 to 270, 270 to 360) of plane in solidwroks?

In sketcher Environment Iwant to change plane orientation.

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What Robert suggests is good.

You also have the option to redefine views. Just press the space bar and look for the redefine button. That will for example make the current Top view a right, or bottom view.
This is not a great fix though, as it does nothing with the underlying planes. Suddenly the top plane is the right plane, or horizontal become vertical.

The best fix is to redefine how the model is made. That may involve editing sketches, or planes. If the model is quite simple, or really well built it won't be a problem. Complex, or "poorly built" models will fall apart when attempting this.

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Create New Referance Plane In in part Take first referance and change the angle of it by 90,180,270

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If what you're referring to is Solidworks uncanny ability to orient the model exactly opposite of how you'd like it when you click 'normal to' while in sketcher, I usually just hold shift and tap two right or left arrows to flip it over. You can also use the up/down arrows to get the other orientation corrected.

When I find myself doing it a few times in the same part I may define a custom view to select instead of "normal to".

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