How to change the Center Mark colour on Inventor

How to change the colour of the centre marks on inventor?
Hi im doing a graphics assignmnet and really need to find out how to change the colour of the centre marks to red but it can only be on certain ones not all the centre marks. This is very important as the assignmnet is due monday! Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tristan, you can change the colour of any lines by marking the line(s) with right click and then go to properties and change the colour.
hope this helps .

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To change color of center mark one procedure to use is
-on ribbon select "annotate"
-on ribbon (far right side) pick "edit layers", this will open the "style and standard" window.
-on right side (third column) ther is a bunch of black boxes, picck the box for center mark and choose the color you want, the click OK and Done.
The "Style Standard Editor" also lets you change the lineweght, linetype and color for other types of lines (like dimension, border, hidden, etc.). Its kind of like the "Properties" box on AutoCAD.
Hope this helps, if you have any problem you can e-mail me.
Greg Pavlik

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Hi Tristan, I am sorry I do not know what you mean fully by centre marks maybe if you can take a screen shot then I will have a better understanding and may be able to help.......

Here is a little screen shot of what I think you mean just now in, I have highlighted the tabs so from there you can change a lot of the settings....

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Hi William thanks for the promot responce. i think you have led me into the right area but i couldnt quite work out how to do what i wanted. attached is a picture of the centre marks that im looking to make red. Also while your there i was wondering if you know how to change the colour of the hidden detail lines to green? thanks for your helf and i greatly apreciate it.

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